U.S Senator

Republican Candidates:

Lou Barletta, U.S. representative
Jim Christiana, state representative
Joseph Vodvarka

Democratic Candidate:

Bob Casey Jr., incumbent

Libertarian Candidate:

Dale Kerns

U.S Congessman, District 16 

 Republican Candidate:

Mike Kelly, incumbent

Democratic Candidates:

Chris Rieger
Ronald Dincola
Robert Multari


Note to seniors or disabled voters. You may be eligible to apply for Absentee Ballots or permanent Absentee Ballots. (need to be updated every 4 years)

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* Also on your ballot will be individuals running for Precinct Committee Positions.

A committee person is your political party's representative in each neighborhood area. They serve as a resource for information about your party and candidates.

Office of Governor

Republican Candidates:

Laura Ellsworth 

Paul Mango 

State Sen. Scott Wagner 

Democratic Candidate:

Gov. Tom Wolfe

Libertarian Candidate:

Ken Krawchuk 

Office of Lt. Governor

Republican Candidates:

Jeff Bartos
Kathleen Coder
Joseph Gale
Marguerite Luksik
Diana Irey Vaughan, Washington County commissioner

​Democratic Candidates:

​Mike Stack, incumbent
Nina Ahmad
Aryanna Berringer
Kathi Cozzone, Chester County commissioner
John Fetterman, Braddock mayor
Craig Lehman, Lancaster County commissioner
Ray Sosa

Libertarian Candidate:

Kathleen Smith

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Candidates Running for Office in PA 2018 May Primary

PA State Senate District 50

Republican Candidate:

Michelle Brooks, Incumbent

Democratic Candidate:

Sue Mulvey

PA State House  (I= Incumbent)

Dist     Democrat                  Republican

​1       Patrick Harkins (I)       No candidate
2       Jay Breneman              Timothy Kuzma 
         Richard Filippi              Laban Marsh
         Robert Merski
3      Ryan Bizzarro (I)           No candidate

4      No candidate                Curtis Sonney (I)
6      No candidate                Bradley Roae (I)
17    No candidate                Parke Wentling (I)


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