Please send your check to :

Lucia Krupicz, Treasurer
323 Lincoln Ave.
Erie, PA  16505

Make check payable to

League of Women Voters of Erie County  

Mother of Mothers Day ?

In today's political atmosphere,  the League of Women Voters is needed more than ever. New and experienced voters continue to turn to us for unbiased, understandable and complete information on candidates and issues. 

With your support, the League of Women Voters of Erie County will continue to help voters understand and navigate the sytem of Pennsylvania elections. We will continue to help voters use their voice at the ballot box making informed decisions.

To make a contribution at any time throughout the year, you may mail your donation to:     Lucy Krupicz, Treasurer
323 Lincoln Ave.
Erie, PA  16505

(Make check payable to League of Women Voters of Erie County)

"Respecting your Mom is the right thing to do- because she made YOU !"

Celebrate Mothers Dayby making a gift to the League of Women Voters, Erie County Chapter. Honor the contributions made by WOMEN in your life by  remembering  your mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, wife, or other important woman in yoiur life.  

For all donations made, we will post a message of appreciation and remembrance  on this page for YOUR important woman. 

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Kathryn Morse

Kathryn Dolan

Sunny Morse

August 13th, 2019, 8AM to 8PM , is a great day to help the League of Women Voters of Erie County.  

On Erie Gives day, The Erie Community Foundation and  the Erie Gives sponsors will enhance donors’ gift by providing a prorated match to each gift made to a nonprofit. Check with your employer to see if they also have a matching gift program...

Donate to LWV of Erie

The League of Women voters, a nonpartisan organization, is working hard for the voters of Erie County:

  • Naturalization Ceremonies
  • Voter Education and Registration
  • Working for Fair Districting in PA
  • Candidate Forums
  • Public Legislative Lunches
  • High School Student Outreach
  • Community Forums on Public Policy
  • Celebrating 100 Years in Erie County in 2020 and in the United States of America

Consider a legacy gift to LWV of Erie in your Estate planning

Checks: New to Erie Gives 2019, donors can write a check for their Erie Gives donation.
Checks must be made out to The Erie Community Foundation.
Checks must be accompanied by a Check Donation Form. The form will be available for download beginning June 13, 2019.
Checks must be delivered to The Erie Community Foundation (459 West 6th Street, Erie, PA 16507) no later than Monday, August 12, 2019.

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